Aim Assist

Enabling this option will provide an assist to the aim vector that jumps to an available target that is in the area where players are aiming. This is useful for players who may not be very accurate or prefer a more casual experience.
[Options > Gameplay > Aim Assist]

Player Off-Screen Pointers

Disabling this option will remove the device pointer-flags that guide you to players that you cannot see within the bounds of your viewport.
[Options > Gameplay > Player Off-Screen Pointers]

Remote Device Point-to-Aim

By default, rockets and RC cars will travel in the direction you aim. If you prefer to have more articulate control, you can disable this setting to enable manual steering.
[Options > Gameplay > Remote Device Point-to-Aim]

Analog Squareness

A gamepad's analog input delivers a Vector based on a circular value. Because our game utilizes diagonal movement, we "square" the input vector. This option's value determines how much curve there is to that modification. You can read more about this topic in this excellent post by Renaud B├ędard.
[Options > Gameplay > Analog Squareness]