Registration, Login, Logout, and Recovery

All user management modals can be found via the Options modal. The Registration and Recover Account modals can be found in the Login modal.

Author Name

Your author name will be publicly viewable and attached to your levels. Your email will not be public.

Updating Account

Your email address and author name can be changed in the Account Details modal found in the Options modal.

Using The Editor Without Registering

When using the editor without registering a User Account, you won't be able to save or publish your levels to the server, test via the Test Button (this functionality requires that the level is saved to the server), or save your editor settings. All other features will function normally.

Registering Without an Email Address

The registration form will function and allow registration with any unique string in leu of an email address. However, if you register an account without a valid email address, there will be no method to recover it if your login credentials are lost.