Saving and Loading With a User Account

Once you've registered a User Account, you can save your levels to the Cymatically Muffed server. To do so, simply click the Save button. You can browse your saved levels using the Browse My Levels modal found in the Options modal (when logged in). Levels on the server may be accessed by anyone, see below to save and load local copies of your levels.


To publish a level for the community, click the Publish Level Updates button found in the Options modal. This will allow other Cymatically Muffed owners to find your levels in-game via the Workshop Menu.

Saving and Loading Without a User Account

To save and load your levels without registering a User Account, you can use the Download Level File and Load Level From File buttons in the Options modal. Saving a level in this way will download a file named "my-custom-level.muffed" containing the level's JSON data.