Starting Weapons

With these options you can decide which weapons players will start with. If more than 2 weapons are selected, players will get a random set of the enabled weapons each time they spawn.
[Battle < Customize > Starting Weapons]

Allowed Weapons

With these options you can decide which weapons are allowed on the map. If a weapon has a spawn point on the map, but has been removed from the Allowed Weapons list, its spawn point will not be used unless Random Weapons is enabled (see below).
[Battle < Customize > Allowed Weapons]

Random Weapons

If enabled, this option will set each weapon's spawn point to spawn a random weapon from the list of Allowed Weapons. This random selection will change each time a weapon spawns.
[Battle < Customize > Random Weapons]

All Guns Full Auto

If enabled, this option will make all firearms fully automatic. I.e. you can press and hold the fire button and the firearm will continuously fire as fast as it's able.
[Battle < Customize > All Guns Full Auto]

Infinite Ammo

If enabled, this option will stop firearms from using ammo. Therefore having infinite ammunition.
[Battle < Customize > Infinite Ammo]

Infinite Muffs

If enabled, this option will stop Muffs from using a charge when activated. Muffs activations are still limited and will need manual activations.
[Battle < Customize > Infinite Muffs]

Random Settings

Selecting this menu item will set random values for all Battle customizations, including Starting Weapons and Allowed Weapons.
[Battle < Customize > Random Settings]

Ridiculous Options

  • All Stuff Throwable sets all objects to be able to be picked up and thrown like standard "throwables" that can be collected and stored in a player's inventory.
  • All Stuff Break on Hit sets all "throwables" to be destroyed on impact.
  • Super Fast Running sets all players' base speeds to much faster than normal.
  • Mini Folk sets all players' bodies to render smaller.
  • Crazy Kickback increases the effect of all weapons with a kickback effect.
  • Bouncy Bullets sets all bullets (including the BBs spawned from BB Grenades) to ricochet when they hit things that would otherwise stop them.

[Battle < Customize > Ridiculous Options]