The Quickbar can be seen at the bottom of the editor.

View Mode Button

On the left end of the Quickbar you can see the current View Mode. When is visible the editor is in Selection Mode, and will behave normally as described in other topics. When is visible the editor is in Panning Mode. When in Panning Mode, the left click and drag operation will pan the view, instead of drawing a select box. Clicking this button will toggle the 2 modes.

Assignment Button

On the right end of the Quickbar is the Assignment button. This button is used to reference the last Quickbar-able action, and to assign actions to the Assignable Buttons. Clicking this button will open the Assign Quickbar modal. Here you can assign the last Quickbar-able action to an Assignable button by clicking it in the modal. Clicking the Quick Redo button will re-invoke the last Quickbar-able action.

Assignable Buttons

The buttons in between the View Mode button and the Assignment button are the Assignable Buttons. Clicking these buttons will invoke their stored action, denoted by an icon.