The Campaign Mode levels operate cooperatively, with all players on the same team against AI enemies. The cooperative campaign is designed for 1-4 players and follows a linear storyline across a series of worlds. Cooperative Survival mode pits players against increasing waves of enemies.


Upon starting a New Campaign, players can select their Difficulty level. Difficulty is changed by a variety of factors mainly based around enemy health, accuracy, and damage. Other factors are explained in more detail below.

  • Aim Assist: this option adjusts a player's aim to targets they are pointing near. This is a global Gameplay Option that can be set for any difficulty level, but is always enabled in Very Easy mode.
  • Auto-Revive: players will be able to revive themselves using the interact button; players revived in this way regain full health.
  • Revive Penalty: when reviving, the fallen player recieves half of the reviving player's health and reviving player loses that health as a penalty. This penalty does not apply in Easy mode.
  • Friendly Fire: players can damage each other.


Cooperative players can revive one another by interacting with a fallen player's Muffs. After the interaction, the fallen player will appear in that position with half of the reviving player's health. Players are unable to revive fallen teammates if they do not have sufficient health to share half.


Survival is a cooperative mode where players attempt to survive increasing waves of AI enemies for as long as possible. Enemies in this mode will randomly drop Special Stuffs such as HealthPacks, AmmoCans, and Batteries.