• Obstacle: these will block movement.
  • Gives Cover: these will block bullets.
  • Weapon: these are designed to deal damage when used. When collected these will respawn after a short time.
  • Controllable: these take the player's focus when used. They stop controlling the player, for the most part, and take control of the item.
  • Throwable: these can be picked up and thrown. Throwables even deal a bit of damage when they hit something.
  • Break on Hit: these Throwables will break when they hit something. They usually deal a bit more damage than standard Throwables.
  • AI: these generate AIs with various properties.
  • Special: these each have special rules and mechanics associated with them.
  • Garnish: these have no specific in-game mechanics, but serve to make the levels much more interesting and fun.

Context Menus

Context Menus for Stuff will differ if there is more than one object selected. Additionally, some special stuff objects will have extra or unique context menu options.